A Taste of Orkney - A Food and Drink Experience

Orkney is a top quality destination for food and drink lovers. Orkney’s beef, holmy lamb, salmon and shellfish are second to none. Orkney also produce world class whisky, beer, shortbread, cheese and even wine.

You will have the opportunity sample our food and drink on this tour and taste of Orkney. With an evening meal prepared at The Lynnfield Hotel by skilled chefs who transform our traditional produce into a gourmet experience in Orkney.

On this Food and Drink tour of Orkney you will meet real Orcadians at work. We offer the choice of visits to:

Millburn Farm

E R & T Craigie; Butcher

Jolly's of Orkney

Orkney Wine

The Orkney Brewery

Highland Park Distillery

The Barony Mill

The Orkney Auction Mart

The Lynnfield Hotel and Restaurant